School Based Internet Safety Program

Many recent academic research and industry reports suggest that educating children and youth about responsible online behaviour, respect for communal codes of conduct and the consequences of inappropriate activities decreases online harassment. Our Programs address the increasing demand within schools for pro-active, awareness-raising content that promotes positive citizenship online as well as assists teachers in meeting prescribed learning outcomes in the B.C. Curriculum.

SafeOnline’s core messages are:

  • Everything online is public and permanent
  • Think before posting online because it will affect many unforseeable aspects of life in the future
  • Talk to your children/students/parents/coworkers about online harassment, sexual exploitation or hate and learn where and how to speak out if help is required
  • Communication/online activity is what you make it (both positive/negative) and technology is ever expanding
  • Keep the lines of communication between  you and your family open
  • Children and youth need guidance, advice and support in making positive choices online from all adults in their lives
  • All adults need to role model good conduct online

Our programs reflect the evolving needs of our clients and are designed to offer schools and parent groups flexibility in setting, activities and audience size, while continuing to offer our engaging research-based content. Messages are conveyed through age-appropriate videos, stories and dialogue suitable for elementary, middle and high schools. We deliver our presentations in every corner of British Columbia and, beginning September 2013 in the Edmonton area.

Student Workshops and Assemblies

Classroom workshops - Intended to give students a small group learning experience by engaging them in meaningful interactive learning activities, these 60-120 minute workshops include dialogue, games, worksheets and/or art projects. Focus can accommodate grades 4-12 curriculum priorities;  critical and reflective thinking skills, communication competencies in digital literacy and enhancing personal and social responsibility in their online interactions.

Assemblies - Dynamic and engaging, our multimedia presentations to large groups of students are accompanied by a handout information about our online supplemental resources  that reinforces our key messages. A supportive approach to youth problem-solving ensures a positive learning environment. Schools can choose between:

  • Small assembly -(under 150 children or youth), or
  • Large assembly – (over 150 children or youth),

Students are encouraged to:

  • Develop critical and reflective thinking skills
  • Enhance their communication competencies in digital literacy
  • Recognize their personal and social responsibilities
  • Make values-based decisions about how they act online
  • Take online harassment seriously
  • Report online harassment (whether it happens to them or others)
  • Participate online as positive digital-citizens.

Following the Presentation students will be given a username and password to sign into the login section of our website and access the valuable links, resources and research referenced in their presentation or workshop.

Parenting in a Digital World

We believe that parents and teachers are a critical  part of  the solutions to online harm. Parenting today is challenging with children and youth involved in online technologies at earlier and earlier ages.  While quick adopters of new technologies, youth are still amateur users without guidance of their elders. We can help you effectively keep up with technology and meet the challenges you are facing. Our parenting workshops will give you ideas, tools and practical ideas to make your home and children safer. Parent advisory, grandparent, new parent and foster parent groups can all become  better informed participants in their children’s online worlds.

Our parent workshop mirrors the general messages offered to students in “Your Life  Online” workshops and assemblies. As a whole-school learning strategy many PACs have supported parent presentations to coincide with student assemblies and professional development workshops for teachers in their district. This offers students and all the adults who support and educate them a common starting place for further dialogue, learning and growing. Following the workshop, participants, will be provided with an online resource page specifically tailored to their presentation and content.

Sign up your parent group today and learn about

  • Emerging trends in online youth culture
  • The social media and video sites popular with children and youth
  • Examples and stories illustrating negative and positive consequences of social media
  • An overview of gaming and it’s influences on players
  • High risk activities online: sexting, viewing of extreme images and pornography, gambling, online addiction and/or contact with ‘strangers’ online
  • Suggestions and guidelines for engaging with children and youth online
  • Internet safety tips and resources
  • A take-away link to SOLOS exclusive collection of world-class educational sites for parents

Pro-D Day Crash Course in Online Youth Culture

Technology is impacting schools, learning and teaching. The challenges of teaching while hand-held devices such as tablets etc. are being integrated into the learning environment and being able to prepare students to use them in ways that are personally and socially responsibly are stretching many educational professionals’ capacity.

Our Pro-D Day Crash Course will give you and your staff ideas on how to promote positive digital citizenship, improve online safety and utilize online resources within the classroom. Teachers  will be provided an opportunity to ask questions during the workshop. Afterwards, participants will be provided with a link to our source material and research, additional references and follow up classroom activities.

Pricing and Event Summary
Format Description Time Price
Classroom Workshop (up to 30 students) interactive activities, multimedia presentation, online follow up resources and printed handouts 90-120 min. $375
Small assembly (under 150 students) multimedia presentation, question period, online follow up resources and printed handouts 70-90 min. $475
Large assembly (over 150 students) multimedia presentation, question period, online follow up resources and printed handouts 50-70 min. $625
Parent Workshop multimedia presentation, question period, online follow up resources and printed handouts 90-120 min. $475
Professional Development Presentation multimedia presentation, question period, online follow up resources and printed handouts 90 mins to full day upon request

Presentation Resources

SafeOnline recognizes that our presentations are most effective when audiences have access to resources after our presentations to continue the dialogue with their families, share something they learned or do some of the steps we suggest to getting safe online. We offer you a a lot of information in a short period of time so following your event, sign in to the login section of our website, and access the valuable links, resources and research referenced in your presentation or workshop.



The Safe Online Outreach Society is a federal charitable organization (Canada #86021 9641 RR0001) and a registered non-profit society  (British Columbia #S45067).