TELUS Wise Program Launch

Last Friday, TELUS launched an ambitious education initiative aimed at parents and students. I was happy to attend and meet with the movers and shakers behind this great project and applaud their support for internet safety education.


Strathcona Elementary School accepts donations from TELUS

I also wrote a blog post about this initiative and the anniversary of Amanda Todd’s death¬†here.

October 10th, 2013|Uncategorized|

Teens Using Technology for Good

Unfortunately in our rush to respond to the horrific examples of online extortion, sexual exploitation and criminal harassment that a few have endured, we have raised awareness without balance.
October 3rd, 2013|Announcements|

Merlyn Horton writes for Platform for Good

When 'A Platform for Good' asked me to write a post for their blog, we were thrilled. Choosing a topic wasn't easy though. So many worthy subjects that we could choose from in our field - Internet Safety. I chose to write about our Youth-2-youth Program, one near and dear to my heart, especially because it incorporates so nicely restorative justice principles.
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Life Online in the Nineties was Fluid

Life online in the late-nineteen-nineties was fluid. I could be anyone, i could talk to anyone, argue any point of view. They called it the "information superhighway" then and I was working with 'street kids'. My frustration as a youth worker then was that the only people youth seemed to meet online were predators or or pedophiles. The people who care most about youth where NOT the early adopters of the Internet.
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It’s still not too late.

I spent fifteen years as a youth worker and when I wrote my first article about children, youth and the internet, the prevailing concerns were about online sexual exploitation and the vulnerabilities inherent in letting children loose in the un-restricted wild west show that was the internet. Then, we were concerned about MSN instant messaging and pedophiles who might lure young people out of their homes to be sexually assaulted.
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Feedback from parenting presentation at Lord Tennyson School, April 2013

"Wow! It was a great talk. I wish even more parents had the opportunity to see hear/see it. I hope we can get them to come in to present to our students (at least the older ones)." Toni.
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Excited about this resource I found.

WebweWant was/is published in part, with participation from the European SchoolNet and InSafe, both of which have excellent reputations and track records in this field.
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Bullies will wear pink shirts too!

Amongst the sincere sentiments today will be some girls and boys who know that they have sent hurtful or untrue text or humiliated someone online or forwarded a personal message to the whole school or re-shared nude pictures of one of the girls in their school. They too will wear their pink shirts.
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Ten Canadian Tech Stories That Mattered in 2012

Peter Nowak has a great review of the big tech stories in Canada in 2012, including UBB, throttling, the CRTC, lawful access, and copyright reform.
January 3rd, 2013|Newsfeed|

The Letters of the Law: The Year in Tech Law from A to Z

From the remarkable battle over the Stop Online Piracy Act to the massive public backlash against Internet surveillance in Canada, law and technology issues garnered headlines all year long. A look back at 2012 from A to Z:
January 3rd, 2013|Newsfeed|