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Our School Based Internet Safety presentations and workshops are designed to offer you, your Parent Advisory Committee and your school (or group) flexibility in setting, activities and audience size, while continuing to offer our engaging research-based content. To keep current and topical, the specific examples and illustrations used may change over the year; however the core messages in our program presentations remain consistent.Learn more about our School Based Internet Safety Program…


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SafeOnline Presenter, Caroline McGillvray talks to CBC News Vancouver regarding child pornography charges against teen.

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“Last night’s PAC meeting included a presentation by a speaker from SOLOS on online safety. The speaker was fantastic, the parents were engaged (and, frankly, slightly frightened), and the topic was current, current, current!”
Lord Tennyson Elementary School, April 10, 2013
“SOLOS has been a valuable collaborator to MediaSmarts for many years through its involvement in Media Literacy Week, a national week dedicated to promoting digital and media literacy as key components in the education of young people and to encouraging the implementation and practice of media education in Canadian homes, schools and communities. We commend the work that SOLOS does for communities in BC and we hope that you will consider their application and assist them in continuing to do such great work.”
Jane Tallim, Co-Executive Director,

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One of our presenters speaks to the issue of youth being charged as sex offenders for fw pics amongst their peer group...

Canadian Senate Committee on Human Rights, 2012 ~ Cyberbullying Hurts

Recommendation #2 : The Committee recommends that the promotion of human rights education and digital citizenship be a key component of any coordinated strategy to address cyberbullying developed in partnership by the federal, provincial and territorial governments.